BMTC-GROUP – the group of companies which has been based in 2000 – provides the industry with metal processing machines and technologies.

BMTC started its activity in the Baltic countries; then extending activity has been begun in Belarus and Poland. At present time over 40 workers are engaged in the organization.

Activity of the organization has begun with band saw machine tools, at present we can offer all spectrum of technologies on processing sheet metal:

• Laser cutting

• Water jet cutting

• Plasma cutting

• Gas cutting

• Bending machines and guillotines

• Punch presses

• Bending machines (sheet and profile)

• Tube bending machines (cutting, bending, grinding)

• Profile and cutting lines

• Other machines


The organization is engaged not only in selling of machine tools but also gives maintenance service on a guarantee and on after guaranteed period. BMTC service group is engaged in adjustment and installation of the equipment, training of operators and consulting clients on technical questions.

Very big attention in BMTC is given to technicians, who have the high technical education and additionally trained two times per year on special courses abroad. It allows to keep high qualification and not to lag behind the technical development.

The work with clients is done analyzing their needs using 5M method: 






The given method allows choosing technology to the client so that it could make a qualitative product at low industrial expenses which essentially increases efficiency of manufacture.

The documentation of machines (instructions, materials for training) and managing programs of the equipment are prepared in the necessary language. All equipment runs with programs therefore training becomes simpler, the human factor of mistakes decreases to a minimum.

Our specialists are also qualified to select accessories and instruments for purchased equipment. Not the least of the factors is personal contact with our producers on the issue of choosing the necessary equipment for our clients.

Company BMTC takes part in the specialized exhibitions offering new products, demonstrating the operation of the following equipment and answering the questions of visitors.



The head office:                                                               Office in Latvia, Riga:                Office in Estonia, Tallinn:               Office in Belrus, Minsk:
UAB "Baltijos metalo technologiju centras"           SIA "DVNC Latvia"                    OU "BMTC EESTI"                             СООО "ВМТС Консалтинг" Eisiskiu pl. 47,                                                                 Darzciema 60,                              Manniku tee 106/2,                          220040, г. Минск, РБLT-02184 Vilnius                                                       LV-1073 Riga, Latvia                11215, Tallinn                                     ул. Беды, д.  31/офис 2Н   Lithuania                                                                          Phone: +371 7112306                Estonia                                                  Тел./факс: +375 172662056 Phone/fax: +370 5 2477024                                        Fax: +371 7112307                      Phone: +372 545 152 71                   Моб. +375 293800418     Phone/fax: +370 5 2477025                                        Mob.: +371 297 70664                E-mail:   E-mail: E-mail:                                                       E-mail:         


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